Sound Nutrition Journeys 2024: Spend Some Time with Your Energy Body

Are you wondering how to navigate with integrity in a world that seems bent on polarizing—on dividing into opposing camps? What would it be like to live without the seeming “certainties” that create this? Are you ready to rise to that level of awareness, and act from there?

 For wisdom traditions around the world, this requires that we cultivate and integrate the self—the bodymind and the electromagnetic fields that circulate through and around it—and the energy body: the soul, that moves outside of space-time to help us live more consciously and creatively within it.

 Let the power of nurturing sound, movement, and breathwork help you find calm amidst the storm, silence amidst the noise, to help you bring together these two aspects of your being.

 We will do this each month via a shamanic journey where you connect with your own inner guidance, as well as that of ancestors, plant, animal, and mineral allies, angels, and other high vibration beings. We first tune our beings with breath and movement which originates with the dreaming practices of seers in ancient Mexico. In this aligned state, we set intention. As we enter the journey, I play flute, drum, and other instruments, including Solfeggio/Circle of Fifths pipes, Koshi chimes, voice, & crystal singing bowls. I will guide you to practice breathing to release stuck emotion. and connect with your energy body. Gentle dreamt movement helps us call ourselves back into the room. We conclude with sharing and gratitude in sacred circle.

Note: The title “Sound Nutrition” is inspired by Joshua Leeds, a leader in the emerging fields of psychoacoustics and bioacoustics, who introduced the idea of sound as a vital nutrient to the nervous system.

With Nyei Murez and other Sound Artists.

Nyei Murez, MA,

is a sound dreamer, student of Carlos Castaneda, and shamanic practitioner who loves to support the creative expression of others in whatever fields they choose to work and play.

2024 Schedule

Third Saturdays of the month, 9am to 11am Pacific Time/ 18h - 20h Central Europe. RECORDINGS AVAILABLE AFTER CLASS IF YOU REGISTER FOR FULL YEAR OR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION

  • February 17 - Enter the Year of the Wood Dragon! Heaven on Earth, Body and Energy Body.
  • March 16 - RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 19, 12NOON TO 2PM - Celebrating Equinox: Embodying Alignment No Matter What 
  • April 20 -  Taking Ourselves Lightly: Laughter, and Play
  • May 18 - Acquiescence: Surrendering to a Greater Harmony
  • June 15 - Solstice Celebration - You Can Go Beyond This Tree! (Also, This Tree is Pretty Amazing.)
  • July 20 - Emotions as Allies to the Energy Body.
  • August 17 - Time to Shine!
  • September 21 - Equinox Celebration: The Harvest of Joy
  • October 19 - “If I love myself, I love you. If I love you, I love myself.” ~ Rumi
  • November 16 - Energetic Accounting: Creating a More Conscious Union with Life
  • December 21 - Solstice Celebration: "Good Where We've Been, Good Where We're Going To"


Monthly Subscription $33 - includes lifetime access
Full Series $333 - includes bonus track & lifetime access
Single Attendance $39