Together we will explore the cycles of the planets and how they affect beginnings, ripenings, endings, and new beginnings in our lives.

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Did you know that when someone is said to be having a “midlife crisis,” they are likely going through the specific awakening and individuating planetary cycles (involving the planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) that occur for everyone in their early forties?
That the sense that one cycle of life is ending and a new one is beginning at around age 28 is to your Saturn Return--the time when Saturn completes a cycle and returns to the place it was at their birth? This can be when one is called to separate from their tribe to meet their own destiny—or to step into a position of greater responsibility within the community.
Together we will learn how to read these cycles in our own charts as well as those of others. A certification track is offered for those who wish to read charts for clients.
Some of what you can gain from this course:
~A greater sense of “what is going on” when you experience big shifts in your life.
~Compassion for yourself and others as you and they move through individual and collective cycles.
~The perspective that planetary cycles correspond to evolutionary and awakening experiences in our own lives. The cycles remind us that:
  • We don’t have forever to embrace certain life opportunities and experiences.
  • No phase, cycle, or experience lasts forever, whether it’s challenging or easy or both.
  • "Maturing" is different from "aging," and there is vital learning and growth at every stage of life.
Led by Nyei Murez, M.A., StarMapper & Sound Dreamer
This online experience begins on Sunday, April 23, 2023 and meets two Sundays of each month through April 7, 2024. See detailed schedule below.
Open to beginning and seasoned StarMappers.

Live Lessons & Practice on Planetary Cycles

We will go in depth on the cycles of a specific planet or asteroid each month, & do sample readings of class members, public figures, and countries.

Two Zoom meetings each month on Sundays, 10 to 11:30am Pacific Time/ 19h to 20:30 Central Europe. Schedule below

Access to the Online Portal &  Facebook Community

Connect with others on this journey to greater awareness of life's opportunities and lessons.

Private StarMapping Sessions & The Option for Certification

Get individualized guidance to best align with the current planetary cycles happening for you--and how to read them for others.

For those seeking Certification, there will be two private sessions. For all others - one session. 



$78 after April 15

Includes 1 Private Session


Monthly w/ Certification


$99 after April 15

Includes 2 Private Sessions


Full Payment w/ Certification


$1111 after April 15

Includes 2 Private Session & Bonus Sound Journey