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Your Personal Star Songs

A shamanic sound journey, or series, just for you!



You will receive:


• A personal guided journey that includes songs that help you connect to the wisdom of your soul and your signature stars; 


• An action plan to help you get unstuck, and into creative flow in your life.

• A recording of your journey and Star Songs to inspire you as you take your new action steps.


What people have experienced in Star Song sessions:

• An art gallery owner gets creative inspiration for her next show.


• A son experiences his recently-passed father crossing a river to the "other side."


• A computer systems engineer gets a new job he loves with double his previous salary.


What happens in a session:

We talk about your goals, challenges, and inspirations; I share with you the related gifts and challenges inherent in the StarPrint of your moment of birth, and your current planetary cycles.


I guide you on a live sound journey--with singing bowls, flutes, and song--to help you let go, meet your signature star guides, and connect with the wisdom and energetic tuning that you need. 


Then we will share with each other the visions, experiences, and messages that came in, and create a practical action plan to help you meet your goals.

Series of 7 Option: 

For those who want to go deep, this series can help you find creative inspiration for any project, or revamp any area of your life that needs it. 


We will go to the stars and within to help you identify and release personal and lineage patterns that no longer serve--and to emerge with tools and an action program that can help you sustain your new direction over time.

In addition to shamanic sound journeys, this option includes:


• A personal portal to track progress and access tailored assignments, resources, and meeting recordings

• In-depth information on your signature Star Guides, as well as your current Star cycles

• Crystal Connection: Working with the Crystal/ Rock/ Mineral realm to help you focus your Earth-Star link.

Sessions via Zoom. 

It's my joy and honor to share this journey with you. 


Calm Your Nervous System

We are all overstimulated. Let healing music help you find relief, and soothe and restore your body, mind, and being.

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Connect with Your Soul

It wants to partner with your body and mind to create your heart's desire in the here and now. 

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Be Inspired

in your creative passions, your relationships, your work, play, and life. Access the abundant energy and freedom that are your birthright