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Emotions are Messengers

 The word "emotion" comes from the Latin emovere, "to move out."  Holding back or pushing down emotions can lead to addictive behavior and a drain on our energy. Indulging or clinging to certain emotions can do the same. Pausing to fully feel our feelings instead, allows them to move naturally, and helps us to align with universal energy flow and our soul's calling.


Connect with Community

Dreaming practices to help you connect with your most loving sources of support.

Practice Breath & Movement Meditation

To help you attune to your most loving, liberated awareness.

Listen Deeply & Sing Your Heart's Songs

For your ears only, and with others, if you choose.


Led by Nyei Murez, with Special Guest Facilitators

Including television and film actor (Outlaw Josey Wales, Reservation Dogs), author, and Navajo-Diné  storyteller Geri Keams; Verbal Courage Coach and Sound Explorer Chelsea Szabo; Health Coach Movement Educator Nadjiba Medjaoui; Frame Drum Artist and Beekeeper Liliana Ferrer; and Author (Beverly Hills Concentration Camp), Shamanic Breathworker and AlchemE practitioner Randi Maggid

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For those affected by events in Ukraine


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Includes bonus singing bowl track


Full Series


Includes bonus singing bowl track plus private 15-minute check-in