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Daring to Be Seen

What a delight when my dear friend Natalia Neverova pointed out this little creature as we were leaving Wolf Connection ranch (in Acton, California) on a recent visit. Daring to venture into the open as the day cooled toward sunset, s/he provided us a magical moment of delight. Is it time for you to venture out and be seen? To see what your own creative self has to say, past the filters of "Oh who would want to hear me," or "It's already been said," or, "It's not safe to share my creative expression," or "X, Y or Z person will be unhappy if I come out of the shadows."

Hasn't it been long enough? If you are reading this, you are more than likely feeling the call to emerge, to write your stories, observations, poems, songs, and discoveries. To let go of the idea of "perfect" and return to your ancestral essence--our ancestors sang, danced and told stories around the fire, in the forest, by the water, wherever their souls guided them. It was part of being on this great journey of life of staying connected to earth, sky and their true essence as social beings who are each extensions of infinity.

You are warmly invited to resume the journey via the weekly Creation in Flow Writers' Group. You will join an group of supportive creators--book authors, poets, storytellers, science researchers, songwriters, bloggers and creative explorers, who are building an environment of joy, confidence-building and healing as they share their journey each week.

Here's to stepping out of the shadows in this new year, to share our voices in this new time on Mother Earth!

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