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Being Seen

Is this a challenge for you?

It is for many of the writers and artists I know and work with. Letting our art be heard/ seen / witnessed/ sensed by others can be scary!!! We feel vulnerable, exposed!

What can we do?

I'll be offering some tips and tools over the coming weeks.

Today's first tip begins with: Exhale! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...make it longer than your inhale, for just a few breaths.

Feel your feet on the earth. Breathe. Feel the sun and stars above you. Breathe some more.

Feel and appreciate your own creative essence. Breathe. S/he may have been waiting to emerge! See what other aspects of you show up--a protector, a little shy child, whoever it is. Welcome and thank them. Ask each of them what they need. Their answers may come immediately or over time. There is no rush. Note them down as they come, and see how you can incorporate them into your life.

I would love to hear your experience with this evolving relationship with your being and your creative expression!

Happy Flowing Holidays!

For support in getting your stories, poems, essays, lyrics, articles and books to the page, and if you choose, to the world, join the Creation in Flow Writers Group. See offerings for Writers.

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