Conversations with Stars

Breath and Sound Journeys for Creative Flow


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Looking for creative inspiration?

Then look up!

Did you know that specific stars are beaming specific thoughts and feelings to us, that they hold wisdom and knowledge beyond our imagination, waiting for us to discover?

This knowledge is part of our human history, and our DNA. Before there were astrologers, we lived guided by this natural, loving link with all of being--including the sentient beings of the sky.

If you would like to bring that wonder and inspiration into your creative expression, your business, or your life—or just learn more about the stars and "astrology" in a practical, rather than theoretical way—then this series is for you.

We will meet two Saturdays each month at 10 am PDT, via Zoom. Recordings available after if you are not able to attend live.

We will practice movement and guided breath meditation to enter the sound dreaming space (with live and recorded music and sound) and journey to the stars, calling on their infinite diversity of wisdom to help awaken and manifest our creative inspiration!

We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden...
And we've got to get ourselves
back to the garden

~Joni Mitchell


• Each month of this series is organized around the corresponding Vedic Sun Sign, its Planetary Ruler, and the key Stars of its Constellation.  

• We will also explore the 27 Vedic Moon Signs, known as Nakshatras; You will learn your Vedic Nakshatra and how to be energized and informed by its myths and signature constellation.


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Full registration participants of this course will also receive a personalized Star Song, a signature recording created just for them and their personal star configuration at birth.

Star Song

As you engage with the sentient earth, moon, sun, planets and stars, you will experience a transformation over the course year. Effects include: 


  • Creative inspiration. Like the planets and stars, you originate from Source, as a creator of new possibilities. 
  • The ability to tell more expansive, inclusive stories about others and yourself.
  • A deeper understanding of the constellations and Sun Signs of the traditional zodiac, as well as other key constellations.
  • Community support--on a social as well as interstellar level! The recognition that you are not alone 
  • The recognition that whatever you are going through, it has a beginning, middle and end--and gifts and lessons for you. 
  • Alignment with your heart’s purpose and highest loving service in this moment--and this lifetime. 
  • A greater sense of how to navigate these high-contrast, transformative times; the ability to hold the light in the seeming darkness.

Celestial Music

Interview with Nyei by Randi Maggid of


Celestial Music

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Course meets via Zoom two Saturdays a month at 10 am PDT (recordings available after), and covers the Sun Sign Constellations as we experience them throughout the year, starting with Aries, which began April 2021 and going through Pisces in March 2022. Course recordings are posted after the live events, and accessible anytime after. Participants can join until July 23. 

Your guide to the stars


Nyei Murez, MA, is the founder of Creation in Flow, and a firm believer that it’s time, in our human history, to connect directly with the stars, and the new perspectives they can bring to our creative work and play.

This work comes out of Nyei’s journey as a student of Dr. Carlos Castaneda, as well as her lifelong loves of studying the stars, playing flute, and facilitating and witnessing others to nurture and share their gifts with the world.


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